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Christina Koutelos

Mr. Richardson

Euthanasia: Suicide or Compassion? You decide.

Should human beings have the right to choose between life and death? Euthanasia is a very controversial topic due to the perspectives it brings. There are many different definitions of life and death amongst the world. People from strong Christian perspectives would argue that life starts from the moment of conception and ends during the moment of death. One should never consider being euthanized because people were created by God for a reason and should not be taken away until natural death occurs. No human being has the right to take another individuals life. However, from the opposing viewpoint, other people argue that a human should be able allowed to eliminate his/her pain rather than be left to suffer. Jack Kevorkian, a pathologist from Michigan was sentenced to prison for euthanizing individuals. Personally, I feel this was unfair because everyone should be entitled to a right to there own body.

In my own perspective, I believe it was wrong for Jack Kevorkian to be arrested because he was eliminating the pain and agony his patients faced. Jack Kevorkian was sentenced to eight years in prison for helping to assist terminally ill patients in their death. Jack Kevorkian felt he improving the quality of lives of his patients. He knew exactly when patients were going to take their last breath, which made him and the patients feel better because they both knew that the patient would not have to suffer anymore and would improve the quality of their life.

People who favor euthanasia argue in the name of dignity and compassion.

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According to Michael J. Sandal, " The claims of compassion out-way our duty to

carry on." (Page 73) Euthanasia is a form of compassion because with the...