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Euthanasia has been a popular topic for debate recently. With the amount of life-threatening diseases and the increasing amount of cancer sufferers there are many people whose quality of life is very poor.

Arguments for euthanasia are many, such as, should the patient have a right to decide if they want to live or die. If the quality of life was bad enough that the person wanted to take their own life it should be obvious to the authorities that they no longer want to live through the pain and suffering that they are currently living through. A person has authority over their body, they choose what they eat, what they drink, how much they eat, how much they drink and what they wear, people do what they want with their bodies, so it is only fair that they have the choice to decide when it is time for their life to end.

There will always be the issue of wether the person is in the right state of mind to make a decision as big as that.

There are arguments against and there always will be. Euthanasia is something you either agree with or disagree with. It isn't something you can say you don't care about. The Catholic Church is one of the authorities that are strongly opposed to euthanasia. It believes that god is the creator of life; therefore he is the only one who decides when life ends. The church believes that God would never throw a situation to someone that they could not handle, and would never put a person through something that they could not gain something out of, spiritually or emotionally. The church also believes that by ending your own life is representing a lack of trust in God's promise.

There are many ethical aspects to think of when contemplating Euthanasia, such as should a patient be given the right to end their own life, when there could be a large amount of pressure on the person by family members or friends to do something that contradicts what the patient is thinking. Pressures like these could cause a patient to make a life ending decision, or one opposite, be forced to stay alive and live through the pain and suffering, just to spare their family members the pain of dealing with losing family members.

There are many arguments for and against euthanasia and there will always be a split in opinions. Nothing will ever change the fact that a person has the authority over their own bodies, but there is also no way to convince the church that pain and suffering makes life so unbearable that Catholic or not sometime God does throw things to you that you cannot deal with, and sometimes death is an appealing alternative to a life of pain and suffering.