"Euthanasia against the right to life".

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Due to its role in society nowadays, in order to do an analysis on what euthanasia legally is in terms of the right to life, it is necessary to treat this topic along with that of the dignity of dying from different perspectives that circulate through society. We find that the pious homicide is currently called euthanasia, it is characterized because it is inspired on the humanitarian sentiment of avoiding the extension of a suffering produced by an incurable illness and under a condition that the own patient be the one who asks that death be given to him. It is a topic of remote antecedents and hardly discussed in the doctrine not just by legal discrepancies, but also by the ones that religious appreciations are derived from. Those divergences go from affirming that it is about a crime of simple homicide or a crime aiding suicide. Probably extenuating, as in those cases that have been practiced, with the parent's consent, on recently born children with serious or incurable illnesses, like the mongolism, the lack of essential members, motivated by the consumption of certain drugs during the pregnancy, etc.

Many of these cases have arrived to the courts of various countries and they have been resolved in unlike forms. It is not possible not to know that a form of cheap euthanasia practiced in medicine, and whose legality is not discussed, is that of being abstained to prolong the painful agony of a dying man, by stopping the supplying of medicines that accentuate the curative inefficiency.

With respect to the dignity to die or of death it can be said that it is reduced into two polar positions. The first one proclaims the intangible dignity of every human life, even in the trance of dying: all the human lives, in...