Euthanasia With Consent From The Affected Individu

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Euthanasia With Consent From the Affected Individual With an Incurable Disease Euthanasia to many people is considered murder, I, on the other hand, believe that it is a deathly sick person's own decision to continue living life or not. When so many people are enduring prolonged deaths as a consequence of chronic, progressive diseases which contribute to needless suffering, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it makes life worse for both the dying person and loved ones of that person. If an extremely ill person makes the decision that they want to end their life then they should not be forced to continue dying and suffering. A family has the option to "unplug" a family member from life support if they are in comma or perhaps their brain dead. Often, the patient in the comma does not have any communicable opinion in making the decision; it is completely up to their family members.

If family members can decide if one of their own lives or dies, why can an individual not order their life to cease. Euthanasia is also a much better way of ending suffering than suicide.

Disease infects many people and often leads to pain and suffering which in turn results in death. Once a person is infected with such a disease and they are aware that the disease will ultimately end their life, it should be their decision on how much suffering they will endure. If they decide they do not want to suffer at all, shouldn't they be entitled to live their life the way they want? There is no reason to forcefully continue the needless suffering and pain of a deathly sick person.

The American people are entitled to the pursuit of happiness, be it religious or prosperous. Many deathly sick people believe in heaven, they may...