Euthanasia: A controversial issue paper dealing with whether or not people have the right to choose to die. This paper is in support of euthanasia/assisted suicide.

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Euthanasia has come to represent either an active or passive termination of

a person's life, in modern-day usage. (Outerbridge, 95) "It is estimated

that more than five thousand people die each year in the Netherlands

through active euthanasia." (Outerbridge, 96) "The guidelines under which a

physician can perform euthanasia are narrowly drawn. First, the patient

must be competent. Second, the patient must request euthanasia persistently

over time, thereby eliminating the possibility for someone who might be

suffering intolerably, with no prospect or relief. Third, the procedure

must be performed by a physician after consultation and agreement with

another physician." (Outerbridge, 96) "Many people within and outside of

the medical profession argue that this policy should be made legal in the

United States." (Outerbridge, 96) Although many believe that euthanasia is

unethical and immoral, terminally ill patients have the right to choose.

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath in which a doctor promises not to give

a lethal drug to a patient, or to suggest that a patient take any lethal

drug. In the past, state legislatures have advocated the medical

professions monopoly by not allowing unauthorized medical procedures and by

giving physicians control over powerful drugs. In return laws have required

doctors to abide by the Hippocratic Oath which includes the ban on assisted

suicide and euthanasia. (Lund, 41)

Although at the present time many people believe that terminally ill

patients have the right to choose, many also believe that it is unethical.

The active termination of a person's life is against the law and violates

medical ethics. (Outerbridge, 95) "If the Federal courts strike down laws

against assisted suicide, they will unleash legions of Jack Kevorkians."

(Lund, 42) To start, some doctors will manipulate ill patients to agree on

assisted-suicide. "Intractable pain, especially among the terminally ill,

is a...