Euthanasia - Are We Playing God?

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EUTHANASIA - Are We Playing God? Dr. Kevorkian a doctor whom most of us know, has performed hundred's of assisted suicides. He has been convicted of murdering human beings, and yet he still continues to do it.

Euthanasia, is a process of helping a person to die through a direct action. It is assisting a person in suicide by means of injecting a lethal overdose of medication.

David Cundiff the author of a book called EUTHANASIA IS NOT THE ANSWER, mentioned that, Clarence Herbert a 55 year only cancer patient underwent a normal routine operation in 1993. The surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Nejdl, Chief of Surgery , City Hospital of Los Angeles. He suffered a cardiac arrest in the recovery room. By the time he was resuscitated, he had experienced massive brain damage. Herbert was immediately placed on life-support system consisting of ventilator intravenous feedings and antibiotic. For three days he remained in a comma.

The attending physician informed the Herbert family of the poor prognosis. The family drafted and signed a statement saying they wanted all machines taken off that are sustaining life. Dr. Barber removed the respirator and was surprised when Herbert began to breathe spontaneously. Even though there might have been a chance for him to survive, the family still requested Dr. Barber discontinue the IV feedings. Herbert died that same day. Dr. Herbert was charged with 2 felonies, for murder. (Cundiff, David. 1992, p. 42) This is an example of rushing and helping to end life. If Euthanasia were legal it would permit and promote situations like this to go unchecked. The purpose and the mission of the health care system is to save lives, not help to end life. In addition to the health care system obligations there is the moral and ethical...