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AntibioticsAn antibiotic, is defined to be a drug produced by certain microbes. Most doctors use ant ... ug produced by certain microbes. Most doctors use antibiotics to help fight the germs in a patient. Antibiotics are obtained from plants, fungi, air, water, soil, just about anything on earth. Antibio ... ics kill and attack the germ or virus in the body, but do not hurt the human cells, ordinarily. The antibiotics are used to treat many various types of diseases, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and se ...

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Growth Dynamics of E. coli in Varying Concentrations of Nutrient

s of varying pH levels: 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0; and finally a nutrient broth in the presence of the drug/antibiotic chloramphenicol. A variety of OD readings were taken and calculations made to determine t ... his was found through the regulation of pH and nutrient concentrations. In the presence of the drug/antibiotic, chloramphenicol, cell growth was minimal.IntroductionE. coli grows and divides through a ...

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Lassa Fever

ffering from one of the many bacterial diseases endemic to the area, her sisters administered every antibiotic they had on store in the town's Church of the Brethren Mission Hospital. But, the antibio ...

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Bacterial Resistance.

he medical field. Bacterial resistance occurs when the bacteria becomes resistant to the individual antibiotic. This problem has become more prevalent in recent years. We are losing the battle on the ... s, caused by mutated bacteria.Normal and mutated bacteria can replicate at an astounding rate. Most antibiotics can destroy the normal bacteria, but leaves the mutated bacteria unharmed. Mutant bacter ...

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AmpicillinAmpicillin is a prescription drug used to treat bacterial infections. It is in the Antibiotic/Anti-infective drug family known as the Penicillins. Ampicillin is prescribed less freque ... ost commonly prescribed penicillin-like drugs used today are analogues of Ampicillin.Like the other antibiotics in the Penicillin family, Ampicillin works by inhibiting synthesis of products used for ...

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Administering different antibiotics to Streptococcus salivarius will prohibit growth at different rates.

ol year. The investigation was conducted to prove the following hypothesis: Administering different antibiotics to Streptococcus salivarius will prohibit growth at different rates.Antibiotics are subs ... wth of microorganisms. Bacteria manufacture substances to inhibit or kill other microbes. Stated in Antibiotics and Disinfectants, "some antibiotics are used widely therapeutically but some are also t ...

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Misuse of Antibiotics

In today's world,many doctor's are misusing their privledge to prescribe antibiotics. Many people now days will tell you they would rather go to the doctor and get medicine ... common colds and many strains of strep, many of the bacterial strains are becoming resistant to the antibiotics that have been used to treat it. For example, back in the 1950's you did not see many pe ... ow some strains of strep are not treatable because they mutated to become resistant to that type of antibiotic. These are just a few reasons why doctors need to use their privledges responsibly before ...

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A Case Study in the Pharmacological Regime of an AIDS Patient

d routes of administration.* Critically discuss the mechanisms associated with resistance of either antibiotic OR antiviral drugs.Rodney S was once a patient in a hospital in a major city of Australia ... n works by hindering bacterial cell-wall synthesis. It is indicated in severe infections when other antibiotics are ineffective or contradicted.Pharmacological regime:For treatment of systemic infecti ...

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This is a lab report studying the effects of common foods on bacteria. Works cited included.

(Carter 323). Bacteriology is particularly interested in the effects of certain products, potential antibiotics, on bacteria. The purpose of this experiment was to test the effects of common foods, gr ... green tea, honey, and garlic, on bacteria, thus discovering if any of the fore stated products have antibiotic qualities. An antibiotic is any product that can destroy or inhibit the growth of other m ...

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Behind the Curtain of the Clinic.

nights a month to the clinic, a fifteen feet by ten feet room with the acrid smells of alcohol and antibiotic. A white curtain divided the room in halves. On one side, the doctor's private wooden bed ...

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Sir Alexander Fleming was a British bacteriologist best known for the discovery of the antibiotic Penicillin. The reason he decided to try and discover a cure is because in those days if ...

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Bacteria and Antibiotic Lab Write Up

I. OverviewThe goals of the Bacteria and antibiotic lab are to observe the effect of five different types of antibiotics on the growth patter ... ll learn and practice aseptic technique in bacterial culture. Each group in the class will test out antibiotics on a different strain of bacteria, and the class data will be compiled and examined.II. ... inued on following page...)III. DataIV. DiscussionThis lab is demonstrates the effects of different antibiotics on different strains of bacteria. Our data proves that various different antibiotics are ...

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AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report

uorescent Protein (GFP) from a bioluminescent jellyfish and a gene for resistance to ampicillin, an antibiotic. Essentially, we wanted to determine the conditions of the bacteria that would glow. Our ... ssed, but in both cases bacteria colonies would be present because of the gene of resistance to the antibiotic, ampicillin). We essentially made the required transformed solutions--and the controls--s ...

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Sir Howard Florey

ng with his excellent team of scientist's) enhanced and mass produced penicillin, the world's first antibiotic into a wondrous miracle drug. He did this during the 1930's by experimenting on mould gro ...

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1) Write briefly about two different mechanisms by which antibiotics work.It is possible for enzymes to involve themselves in the manufacturing of the cell w ... velop because the final cross-linking reactions that make the cell wall rigid are not catalyzed, an antibiotic such as penicillin can be used to fit into the active site of the enzyme that was to cata ... ch a reaction. As the penicillin attaches, a covalent bond complex is formed that cannot be removed.Antibiotics can also affect enzymes which catalyze metabolic reactions that can be found in bacteria ...

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Hard To Swallow

. And surely that is because of the computer which are available. We now have the knowledge to make antibiotic that prevents several diseases among the animals, which we are going to use for food. Thi ... find themselves pleased, but the fact is that often the animals suffers from this. Even though the antibiotic should prevent diseases, experience and studies has now shown that the animals are becomi ...

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Euthanasia - Are We Playing God?

ert was immediately placed on life-support system consisting of ventilator intravenous feedings and antibiotic. For three days he remained in a comma. The attending physician informed the Herbert fami ... ioned some interesting points. If a terminally ill person develops pneumonia, and we cure them with antibiotics, we prevent them from dying. It might be the time for them to die. Why not let them die ...

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Homophobia is a Social Disease

age of this looming pandemic has sent the public into a frenzy; 68,000 New Zealanders has bought an antibiotic which apparently prevents the disease. Why are we so worked up over Bird Flu? Because we ...

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Flesh-eating bacteria

our always known "regular" bacteria, those one-celled creatures once considered under control with antibiotics, have invaded our hospitals and headlines with a vengeance. The vengeance used against u ... s of even our most potent drugs. In our community right now, medical researchers are testing antibiotics that may have chemicals to disable the resistance of this organism. But while research c ...

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Doctor Dealin'

lief in 1996 when his 9-year-old nephew caught strep throat. He was prescribed Keflex, an expensive antibiotic, when a shot of penicillin would have done the job at a much cheaper price. Before ...

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