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To me, Sir Wilfrid Laurier was a great Prime Minister. He had never taken any sides and had always come up with a great solution to big problems. In my essay, I will be explaining my thoughts and opinions to why Mr. Laurier was a great Prime Minister.

A great thing Laurier did was that he brought up the immigration system. By doing that, he had made Canada a multicultural country. He had also made Canada a great place for the freedom for almost anything. Immigrants had the freedom to practice their own religion, speak their own language. There was also no military service required since the North West Mounted Police protected Canada. There were also no heavy taxes. The government also provided help in locating a homestead and names of farmers seeking help.

Laurier had also made a difficult decision during the "War in South Africa."

The British had requested for reinforcements from the colonies since the British were having trouble forcing the Boers out of the small town of Cape Town, South Africa.

Canada was expected to send a fair share of reinforcements. The English had no problem and had demanded that Laurier organize a formal military expedition. The French Canadians had not been so happy about this idea and many of the French Canadians supported the Boers' right to self-determination. Laurier had to make a decision that would not alienate either the French or the English Canadians. Laurier was afraid that by sending reinforcements, it might lead to future Canadian involvement in imperial conflicts, but at the same time Laurier could not ignore the British call for reinforcements. He had gotten British approval and announced that the government would equip, train and transport a force of 1000 volunteers, who would be under British command. Laurier felt...