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During the late seventeen hundreds, many events resulted in colonial opposition to Great Britain. The British created laws and taxes that were viewed as unjust and unfair. The colonists accepted Britain's rules and taxes at first, but only for a certain period. They soon grew weary of Britain and chose to declare their independence.

The beginning of their turmoil began during the French and Indian War. Britain had passed a series of Navigation Acts. These acts were to forbid the colonists from trading with any outside country other than England. The colonists did not mind at first, because they needed British protection and because they did not enforce the laws strictly.

After the British won the French and Indian War, all French presence was removed from America. However, Indian uprisings led to the Proclamation of 1763. This proclamation stated that nobody may enter the Ohio Valley unless they were licensed fur traders.

British troops were posted on the frontier to enforce this. This angered the colonist because they felt that they did not need British protection anymore and that they were holding them back form settling into the fertile Ohio Valley.

The French and Indian War had cost England much money. To pay this off they started making taxes on the colonies. They first tax was the Sugar Act of 1764. This was an indirect tax on goods such as sugar, coffee, other imported items. The colonists started claiming this was taxation without representation. They repealed the act.

The next act was the Stamp Act of 1765. This was a direct tax on printed goods such as deeds, marriage licenses, advertisements, newspapers, diplomas, custom documents, and playing cards. The colonists were again angered because they had to pay this tax when people in England did not. They again felt...