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The Evolution Theory is a false doctrine devised by scientists lacking modern technology and

knowledge in an attempt to escape the aggressive confines of Religion, thereby forming a new

faith referred to as 'natural selection'. Throughout time, evolution mechanisms have been

developed to account for many barriers facing evolutionists. From Lamarckism developed by

Jean Baptisete DeLamarck (1829) to Darwinism by Charles Darwin (1859) to The Mutation

Theory by Hugo deVries (1901) right up to the current theory of Neo-Darwinism, modifications to

this doctrine have evolved to include modern scientific principles of Biology, Anthropology,

Physics and Mathematics. The concept of 'Evolution' as proposed by Charles Darwin does not

in itself present opposition to creation by a higher order of intelligence. Evolution simply implies

'gradual change through time'. Thus, a creator might have employed such means of creation

just as humans gradually design and build newer cars with an increased variety of shapes and

colors. The conflict arise when Naturalists insist that all life gradually evolved from non-living

matter by the process of natural selection which is a direct violation of The Law of Biogenesis1 .

Naturalistic evolution is considered and taught to be a fact rather than a theory by many

scientists and teachers. It is an everyday event to watch a television show such as the

Discovery Channel and constantly be reminded of how evolutionary mechanisms caused the

rise of life on Earth. Any inquiries questioning evolution are immediately suppressed or

answered with evolutionary terms such as 'survival of the fittest' which is a tautology and hence

can not be disputed with out proper knowledge or deep understanding of the clauses used.

Although the theory itself offers abundant examples of 'evolutionary paradoxes', many scientists

choose to dismiss these confrontations and faithfully follow the evolution doctrine. Careful

biological examinations of various...