Evolution vs Creationism

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Who Really Knows Stephen Jay Gould, explains the never-ending battle of creationism vs. evolution in his book “Evolution as Fact and Theory”. He explains in detail that he is both angry with and amused by the Creationists; but mostly deeply saddened because of their lack of knowledge and lack of respect for evolution. Gould’s confidence that evolution occurred centers upon three general arguments: Evolutionists have abundant evidence of evolution in action; they have evidence of changes of bone structure from fossils over time, and the imperfections in nature reveals evolution. Creationist, on the other hand, base their beliefs on little more than an abstract attempt to discredit evolution by presenting supposed contradictions among its millions of supporters. Gould understands why people spiritually believe in creationism but is appalled by Creationist who try to argue scientifically that creationism exist without any scientific evidence to back their flawed beliefs.

Where did we come from? Where did life begin? These questions desperately need to be answered. Gould would like to know who will answer them; the Evolutionist, the Creationist, or someone else.

Belief in evolution for me was not an easy decision because of my religious up bringing. I now fully believe in evolution and I am knowledgeable enough about evolution to debate with the best Creationist out there. I wholly agree with many of Gould’s opinions of Creationist. I am also sad (for Creationist) because so many people who respond to the Creationist belief are troubled for the right reason, but show their anger at the wrong target which is Evolutionist. There is nothing wrong with striving for knowledge about the origin of life, but it is counterproductive to relentlessly bash another group for trying to find the answer in a different way other than your own. The never-ending...