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The evolutionary theory is one of the most widely debated scientific theories. Many believe it to be the best explanation for how the living world with all its species developed. Others refuse to believe it and think of the theory as something dangerous. The theory itself states that the natural world, with all its different species, developed from simple organisms. This happened through gradual changes in the organisms' genomes through natural selection, or 'survival of the fittest'. This also means that all organisms are related, some more closely than others. Currently it is the only reasonable theory that explains how the natural world developed. Unlike others, it is not based on speculations or unsupported claims but on solid evidence. Evidence that can not be ignored.

All evidence that has been found points to one explanation. Archeologists have uncovered many fossil records. Through them science has been able to piece together the way in which the natural world developed from early unicellular organisms to the complex species we see today.

For example, archeologists have found the remains of many early humanoids. Thanks to these finds, we now know how we looked millions of years ago and how we gradually developed to the modern human, the Homo Sapiens. These finds support the theory of evolution, because this is exactly what it states. Another good example of how the fossil record helps us understand evolution is the evolution of the horse (see appendix I). Due to the large amount of findings, we have an almost complete model of how the horse evolved. (se Even in our own bodies we find evidence of our primitive ancestors. The wisdom teeth we have are useless, but once our ancestors used them for chewing hard objects.

Another piece of evidence came about in the 20th century, when...