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In the book Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges, (Chitty & Black, 2007, p.193), a case study is presented along with a critical thinking activity using six various ways to approach the case study. Each "thinking cap" or approach has a color identifier. In examining each of these thinking caps, it provides information into the case study and allows utilization of critical thinking.

The white thinking cap is first and relates to information. While the case study gives us some information there may be other questions we have and more information needed. Some questions that may help us understand the given case study would be, "What is the patients' history?" and "Has she told anyone else besides present family members about her end of life wishes?" When looking at a scenario, (as in a case study), it is a good idea to think about getting the most amount of information possible and ask questions that will give the most amount of information available.

Second is the red cap, which involves emotion, intuition, and feelings. From the case study, personal information is available about the patients'. She has an elderly husband and three adult children. The elderly woman is in a critical state and the family has to make serious decisions involving the care of their mother and wife. We can assume that the emotion and feelings about this situation are not positive. The point of view of the husband and children differ regarding whether or not surgery is the best option for their loved one. One would question if any ill feelings exist between the father and children. In addition, it may be important to know if the husband is in fact the children's father or if she remarried after having children. This could help to better analyze...