Examples of Genocide. Speaks of The Catholics in Northern Irland, the Armenians, and the extermination of the newly born female infants in China

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From the time humans existed, hatred seemed to be the dominant trait that possessed the souls of men. It was inevitable emotions could provoke people to engage in acts without thinking; but it was the acts that were premeditated which were classified as evil and brutal. A. M. Rosenthal, the author of No News From Auschwitz, described a single moment in history where these kinds of acts were invoked. This appalling endeavor is known as genocide which is the deliberate destruction of a national, racial or a religious group (Winston Dictionary). Genocide is universal rather than limited to one time and one group of people.

The Catholics in Ireland were being threatened and eliminated by the Puritans. The typical Irish lifestyle came to an abrupt halt during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Lewis 9). In 1641, the Norman-Irish, who were worried that their lands would be lost, and the native Irish, who were forced to accept an unfamiliar culture, rebelled (Lewis 9).

In 1649, Oliver Cromwell, leader of the Parliamentarians in the English Civil war, lead the Puritans into a bloodbath against the Catholics (Lewis 9). 'He did it brutally, massacring the Irish without mercy and called the large scale killing 'the righteous judgements and mighty works of God'' (Meyer 78). Thousands of Catholics preferred to suffer and die than deny their faith (Firth 10). By the middle of the seventeenth century, the Protestants settled on the land they seized from the Catholics and the Catholics were forced to colonize in towns which clung to wild coastlines with dangerous tides (Meyer 78). The differences


between the lives of the Catholics and Protestants were clear and the foundation for their troubles had been laid (Meyer 78).

Another case of genocide occurred when the Armenians were eradicated by the Turks...