Explain the reasons for Nazi policies towards women

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Explain the reasons for Nazi policies towards women


Adolf Hitler had the idea of a perfect German woman; they should have blue eyes, blonde hair, and broad hips for having children and also to be athletic. Her role in the home would be to raise many children, look after her family and be a good homemaker and cook using leftovers. He thought of them to be inferior to the German men, he forced the women out of their professional jobs to return to the old-fashioned housewife duties and mother of future Germany. Hitler believed that the only use of women was to look after the home and as child bearers to future soldiers and Nazis of Germany. The Nazi Party claimed that they believed in the equality of men and women, but they believed that men and women should have very different roles to play in German society Women were to be housewives and obedient women.

An Aryan woman's purpose was to look after the children, clean, cook and to be a good wife. Hitler said that women had 3 important things in life's KKK K=Children K=Church K=Kitchen. Women found themselves forced to stay at home and do the KKK. There was an organisation called the 'Weutsches Frauenwerk' (German Women's Enterprise.) This prepared Mother's Schools to train women for household and parenting skills. The women took part in courses, lectures and radio programmes on household topics.

The Nazis policies were based on two fears; the German population was growing too slowly, making Germany vulnerable of its faster breeding neighbours; Poland and Russia. Also the German people were becoming racially impure due to intermarriage with 'inferior' groups like the Jews and Slavs. So the Nazis set up a Policy of encouraging births and preventing racial mixing. Hitler was worried about...