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Throughout the first part of the declaration, Jefferson was writing of people's natural rights. It was based upon the ideas of John Locke. He believed in life, liberty, and property. Locke felt as if the government did not protect Or submit the natural (or Jefferson referred to them as unalienable) rights of its citizens, then the people had the right to overthrow the government. Jefferson stated that the government existed to protect the people and also be beneficial to them. Stating that anything that was destructive to society, natural rights or to mankind in general should be there for eradicated. Jefferson grasped the concept that there should be a conversion to the previous conformity of government. Pronouncing that all of these rights shall be gratified into an unbiased society.

Jefferson was denouncing the position of King George III, of Great Britain, throughout all of second component of the declaration.

He fabricated a list of all incriminations against the king. Jefferson stated that the king never had the colonist's well being at heart. He was out to soil their lives. Jefferson stated that King George III did things illegally. Jefferson felt that the American colonists were being deprived of benefits and privileges. In the second part, the king was accused of numerous accusations. Jefferson made it out to be that the king was there just to enrich Great Britain and did not care about any laws or occurrences opposing the colonists. Mercantilism was an ample factor.

In the closing of the declaration, Jefferson pronounces that the colonists have the right to be free. He stated that time and time again the colonists were denied the chance for any independence or lenience from Great Britain. Jefferson desired that all allegiances should be exculpated throughout the American colonies. Essentially all that...