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A Gift from God: And Analysis of the Poem "To My Sons"

By Ainon Omar

To My Sons by Ainon Omar is very famous for its imagery in portraying the message of the poem that is; be thankful of God's gift. The poem is a description of how the persona observes the actions of her sons toward her and her hope for her sons in the future. As a whole, this poem is constructed by integrating elements like simile, alliteration and anaphora in order to attract the reader's humanity. Thus, in this paper I will discuss this poem and how the style of writing, including the language and the tone, help the poet to reach to the main point; imagery.

The form of the poem is free verse because it has no fixed rhyme scheme or rhythm. This form is employed to show the persona's feeling to her sons whom she loves very much.

It is quite interesting to note that the poet concludes each stanza, which is about the God; "blessed me with the dearest treasures"(5),"treat them well with the promise of faith and hope"(17) and "be the gracious servants of the Almighty"(19). Besides, the use of enjambment can also be detected in the first line of the first stanza where the line "Your arrival into this world" is connected to "was like a miracle". The poet uses the enjambment to reflect the persona's gratefulness for her sons that God has given her.

The poet also applies the tone into her poem to make the readers feel the same as the persona does. The tone of triumphant has been used throughout the first line of second stanza where she enjoys her life with her sons;"My bundles of joy"(6). The persona inspires the readers to imagine how joyful she...