The Exploration of my Lifespan

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"The Exploration of my Lifespan Development"

"The Exploration of my Lifespan Development"



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A life is a funny thing to live. Consistently we learn, grow, and morph into what we will become through a series of psychological stages. From the time we are born the saga begins. Our environment, our relationships and a magnitude of experiences impact the development of our character and personality. A brief glance at my life story will give a great deal of insight into this concept.

I was born as the second child of my mother Suzanne Tearno in a metropolitan area of New York, near its capital. I was her only girl; two years earlier she had her first and only son, my brother, Franklin Tearno. When I was born there was much turmoil in my mother's life.

Her relationship with her husband, my father; Wayne Tearno, was rapidly coming to a violent end. My father's alcoholism and abusive nature had long been a problem, but with two young children my mom had lost any tolerance she once had for his antics. A week after I was born, my mom brought me to family court to petition for child support that she never received. The birth of a second child and mounting responsibility of life sent my father into an oblivion of alcoholism, despair, and depression. My family would not hear from my father for at least eight years after that. My mom needed to face the adversity of being a single mother, with very mediocre financial resources on her own. This sets the stage for my life; the choices that my mother makes from here on out...