Exploring the importance of hearing

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Exploring the importance of hearing sense


Sounds are created when objects vibrate. The vibrations of an object cause molecules the objects surrounding medium to vibrate as well, and this vibration in turn causes pressure changes in the medium. So I will be conducting an experiment on how it is to go along in everyday life without being able to hear.


I put earbuds in my ear along with headphones and proceeded to interact with my friends and family for a whole entire day and during that time I had to rely on my eyes to see things. Such as reading lips within conversations and attempting to do sign language and to look at my surroundings.


I have a new found respect for people can't hear because you always have to be alert because you cannot hear your surroundings. During my experiment many people tried to communicate with me but I could not hear them so people begin to think I was being rude but it wasn't the case so I attempted to explain my situation, although it was frustrating due to the fact that I could not hear or hear people that was trying to communicate with me so I began to feel left out.

Literature review

Early peer relationships and interactions influence social acceptance and a child's ability to form social relationships later in life (Inscoe et al. 2009; Ladd 2005). Today, it has become common practice for preschoolers with hearing loss to receive services in inclusive settings (Katz and Schery 2006). Oftentimes, the majority of these services are delivered via the natural language approach which involves engaging the student in situations in which no explicit grammatical explanations are given (e.g. singing, matching games, acting, storytelling) (Accardo and Whitman 2011; Katz and Schery 2006). Eight children,