Nature versus Nurture

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Nature versus Nurture is a debate that has riddled our society for some great time now. Numerous authors have written novels debating which concept is most influential in early child development. As adoption becomes increasingly popular in American society, researchers study this debate on a particular set of twins. Two separate families seeking adoption, traveled overseas to China to adopt twin sisters. Now, living hundreds of miles apart, the families have discovered some uncanny similarities between the two sisters, whom at birth could not be told apart. The similarities between the girls directly correlates to the question psychologist Donald Hebb was asked: “Which, nature or nurture contributes more to personality?”Lily and Gillian are a set of identical twins. At birth, the sisters were so similar that they could not be told apart, and thus had to be kept in separate rooms. Although twins usually are not separated at birth, they were not known to be twins at the time of the adoption.

And so, two separate families, who kept in contact with each other, adopted the girls. Through their contact, the families have noticed a great amount of similarities. For example, both of the girls got chicken pox within a day of each other, and they both are afraid of clowns. Furthermore, Lily walked for the fist time on the same day that Gillian did.

Although Lily and Gillian have many similarities, their new families are completely different. Gillian’s family is catholic; she has two siblings, and does not celebrate any traditional Chinese holidays, becoming to be a true Canadian. Lily’s family is Presbyterian; she is an only child, and her family is planning on sending Lily to traditional Chinese educational classes. The two families stay in contact with one another, but still live miles away from each other, in...