Extended analysis of the Michael Leunig cartoon "My Former Self"

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Leunig deeply values the truth and he questions why people feel that the truth is never good enough. Leunig acknowledges the difference between who we want to be and who we are, he suggests that people strive to unrealistic expectations concerning career, image, relationships etc. and by lying to themselves and everyone around they lose the importance of the truth. Personally I agree that people try so hard to appear how it is thought they should and to be successful, they lose their inner self and who they are. I think that we can get caught up in the race to the top and we end up living a lie about who we really are and what we really value. In Leunig’s cartoon “My Former Self” he suggests people are trying to rid themselves of flaws, recreating themselves to better suit society, sacrificing happiness, disguising themselves to better fit what they want, and some people are even embarrassed of who they really are.

Therefore it is presumable that Leunig believes lies are controlling and overpowering peoples values in life.

It is shown through Leunig’s cartoon, that imperfections are not a respected part of our lives, and people feel that they should do whatever they can to get rid of any flaws. Leunig sees everyone to be striving for perfection, not letting anything get in the way. In the cartoon “My Former Self” the character goes to the extent of burying the flaws he believes he has. The character recites the imperfections he has insulting his former self as he goes. This is supporting Leunig’s view has that people do not accept their own weaknesses or faults as part of their ideal selves. Instead they feel the need to cover or remove them. According to Leunig the desire to be perfect...