Fall of Rome: The "Invincible" Empire

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The essay focuses on the role the countries around Rome played in the destruction of the Roman Empire, the majority being the ancient German Tribes.

Perhaps one of the greatest moments in the history of all ancient civilizations is the fall of Rome. Still one of the most interesting topics, in my opinion, is how this superpower was outlasted and beaten by the very caveman-like civilization of ancient Germania. In this paper, I will be discussing some of the events that attributed to the fall of Rome, and ultimately, how Germania was able to come out on top of this epic battle. I will also be going into more specific detail about the tactics of the German military, as well as the leaders on both sides of the important battles.

Arminius, also known as Hermann der Cherusker, had lived in Rome for most of his life. As a youth, he was held hostage and could do nothing with his time but learn military tactics and technique.

He was later freed and expected to become an ally of Varus and of Rome. Arminius played along with this for a while, and had everyone fooled. Secretly, he was creating an alliance of Germanian tribes that had never been on the same side for any battles, wars, or causes. He was able to do this because of their common hatred for Varus and the way he governed their province. This is why Arminius decided to take action.

Publius Quinctilius Varus was a Roman nobleman who was fairly well known throughout the city of Rome. He was the elected governor of the fairly new province, Germania. He wasn't kind, by any stretch of the imagination, which was his biggest downfall. The people of Germania hated him so fiercely, they were willing to do...