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In the novel "Fallen Angels" all the elements of literature were vividly written and imagined. One element of literature is the plot. In the novel the main external conflict was the war itself. This was the fighting of South Vietnam against North Vietnam. However with the war came many complications or little conflicts surrounding the characters in the novel. On complication is an internal conflict within Perry the main character. This is when Perry wonders what is the purpose of the war, and also why he is fighting in the war. Perry struggles with telling his fellow soldiers his opinion of the purpose of the war. However this conflict is solved, because Perry realizes that he was fighting the war for the North Vietnamese and to try and save them. Also another conflict within Perry is when he realizes that when the war he doesn't know what he will do, because his family can't afford him to go to collage and he doesn't know what he is going home to if he survives the war.

Those are the main complications and conflicts that have taken place in the novel. This is what happened in the plot of the novel "Fallen Angels."

Another element of literature in the novel "Fallen Angels" is the atmosphere. The atmosphere in this novel was never really a happy atmosphere. It consisted of violence, death, destruction, and torture. Also the atmosphere became sad at points, when a soldier died such as Jenkins and other soldiers were affected by there deaths. However the atmosphere did lighten up to a more tranquil atmosphere when a soldier got a letter from home or was being sent home. The mood also lightened up when Perry was injured in war and was sent...