Family Refelctions

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Family Reflections

Dear mum and dad,

How is everything going on at home? My mother -in- law died just before we were ready to move to Shanghai, my husband was so sad that his eyes were so red for a plenty of days. I didn't feel any sadness because after the death of my mother-in law, I can take over the power of her and everyone in the Yen family have to listen to me without complaining! The life we live is quite luxurious, we live in a big house and got lots of maids, cooks e.t.c. Also, I paid a large amounts of school fed to let the seven children went to those expensive schools in Shanghai. In our family, the fifth daughter of my husband's dead wife got the best score of all academic results. But, I really disliked her because she always show off on being top of the class.

In a straight way, the fifth daughter Adeline was the unwanted daughter of our family that even her biggest sister said "if you had not been born, Mama would still be alive. She died because of you. You are bad luck." Actually, I don't like any children from my husband's dead wife because it makes me felt uncomfortable and jealous at the same time. As you can see, I disliked Adeline the most, her place in the family is the lowest and I never took her out or have a meal with us. I don't understand why my father-in law and my sister- in law liked Adeline so much, I guessed Adeline pretended to be a good children in front of them. I loved my two children the most, of course, every mother in the world will love their own children the best. So, during...