Famous People's Influences on the History of Mexico

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Influences on Mexico's History

Through out the history of Mexico, it has been greatly impacted by many influential people. Whether it was manipulating and lying or salvaging for peace and equal rights, every one of these people has been able to bring up an issue in society and fight for it. The history of a country is greatly important based upon the fact that its society is a grown and perfected version of its past. Every country reflects its past in one way or another and that is where our heritage comes from. With out influential people towards their country, their society wouldn't flourish and grow but stay the same with out change.

In the very beginning of Mexico for when there was only the Aztec tribes, a Spanish explorer even had the ability to influence the Aztec people. His name was Hernan Cortes. He was able to manipulate the Aztecs into believing he was one of their gods through his striking resemblance to this god.

Slowly over two years he defeated the powerful society of the Aztecs. This impacted the history of Mexico because if he never arrived and took over, there wouldn't be the Mestizo (half Aztec, half Spanish) ethnic group as well as all of the Spanish ways of life he brought over with him. All that Mexico would be today is a large, more advanced tribe of Aztecs.

During the raid of the Aztecs by the Spanish, many mestizo's wanted independence from Spain. A local priest named Miguel Hidalgo, fought for this cause. Finally on September 16, 1800, Father Miguel Hidalgo and many local peasants declared independence against Spain. Independence was a very important thing mostly because they wouldn't be controlled by another country and were free to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, by...