The Famous Ruler: Charlemagne.

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The most famous ruler of the Middle Ages was Charlemagne.

Charlemagne is known for conquering much of Western Europe and uniting it

under one great empire. Not only was he known for being a great ruler, but for

reviving the political and cultural life of Europe which had collapsed during the

fall of the Western Roman Empire.

This great ruler was born approximately on April 2, 742. He was born to

Pepin the Short and to Bertrada. Charlemagne had a younger brother named

Carloman. Carloman was four years younger than Charlemagne. Not much is

known about Charlemagne's childhood ,but it is known that he learned how to

speak and read Latin but, he never learned to write it. One of his many teachers

was Fulrad, the abbot of St. Denis. He was 21 when his father died. By this time,

Charlemagne already had political and military experience.

Maybe because he

was the oldest and most experienced son he inherited half of the kingdom.

In 770, Charlemagne was arranged to marry Desiderata. To complete his

mother's order, he had disowned Hiltrude. She lived with him in an unofficial

,but happy marriage that produced one son Pepin. In 771, Charlemagne

divorced Desiderata and sent her back to her father. By divorcing Desiderata he

broke the alliance he had with the Lombards. After the divorce, he married

Hildegard. After this Charlemagne married two more times. He had a total 3

sons and 8 daughters.

Some people describe Charlemagne as a strong, found of exercise man.

He had an alert mind and a forceful personality. Charlemagne was more than 6

feet tall, with piercing eyes, fair hair, a thick neck and a potbelly. His second

official marriage made him brighter, more convincing, happier and aggressive

leader. This marriage made him a...