Fantacy Or Reality

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The Life Of Fantasy And Reality "By," Derrick Aemisegger Fantasy and reality can be defined in many different ways. Everyone has his or her own opinion on fantasy versus reality and because of this there is no right or wrong answer to this topic. They both have their differences but they also seem to find a way to meet in the middle. Reality can be defined as "the quality of being real or having an actual existence"(Oxford English Dictionary). When you say this it means that anything that involves the human senses is reality We deal with reality every day. Anything we say or do is reality; these things can be changed or altered however. The only reality we cannot escape is death. Death is inevitable, no mater what we do it will happen and that is that. Some people are afraid of death, maybe that is because you can't escape it, but if you know it is coming you shouldn't worry about it, you should deal with it and leave it at that.

This should go for anything you have to deal with in life, if it has to be done do it and don't let it bother you.

Reality is a way of life and some people can't deal with this. To escape reality some will create their own fantasy world. This allows them to be free from the world for a short period of time, but in the end they still have to face reality. There are other ways to escape reality without having to make up your own fantasy world. An example of this would be taking a vacation but later I will talk about how this coincides with reality. Let's face it, know matter how much you might dislike it reality is always banging on...