Farewell To Arms

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Nolan McConnell Mr. Brobeck English 11 (5) 2 March 2011

Blinded By The Light

Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms portrays Frederic Henrys struggles that transpire through World War I. At the beginning of the novel Frederic comes upon a young woman named Catherine who evidently "seduces" him into an escalating relationship during the majority of the novel. Frederic becomes wounded in the knee causing him to be transferred to a hospital in Milan. This will be where Frederic develops a strong, but almost fake relationship with Catherine. After many tragedies Frederic and Catherine eventually live happily in the mountains where there first son comes to be born. However, the son appears stillborn and Catherine suffers a hemorrhage and unmistakably dies. In an essay James Light analyzes the themes beloved, religion, and mankind that Frederic embraces and ultimately rejects concluding the book. In the essay "The Religion of Death in A Farewell to Arms" by James F.

Light, he gives a short summary of the novel and evaluates these details profoundly.. Frederic excluded the services of beloved, religion, and country throughout the novel.

Hemingway exposes Frederic as rejecting Catherine at the end of the novel when Frederic eventually finds out Catherine passes even when he influenced her. Frederic strained to save Catherine in many cases, unfortunately none were affective. During the scene when Frederic paddles Catherine from their home in the mountains to Switzerland he "blistered his

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hands to the point of real pain, similar to those of Christ" (Light 3). The uninterrupted imagery amongst Frederic and Christ can be concluded because of the affection and facility he displayed

towards Catherine, the similar love that Christ designated toward the people. Hemmingway conducts the influence of the Christ icon to clarify how much Frederic desired to...