Farmers Vs Hunter Gatherer

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Krung, I think it is better for or tribe to become sedimentary farmers because our crops are more reliable than those hunters. We can trade food for tools and still have more than enough food for every one. We can have specialized people to do certain jobs. But weather can affect our crops, floods can destroy or crops, and if we all live together we will spread disease.

Krung, if we switch to farming we will always have plenty to eat. We will have a steady pile of food compared to hunters. We also could have the best tools and weapons because we will have so much extra food we will be able to trade with hunters who make the best tools and weapons. We also could make an assembly line to make the work go by faster.

But, if we do switch to farming the weather will have a huge impact on our food quantity.

Thunderstorms may damage our hard work. Flash floods will destroy every thing we worked for, have to start over, and may go hungry. Disease may kill us all if one of us gets sick. If we get weak we will be at the mercy of the hunters and they may take what food we have left.

In my opinion, we should be farmers so we can have a steady supply of food. We can work in the evening so we do not get as tired as in the middle of the day. We can make silos for the food so we can store for the hard times ahead when it floods. If one of us gets sick he or she will have to be banished for the good of the tribe.

I think that becoming farmers will help the population of our tribe and ensure the survival of our tribe.