Fascist Regime of Mussolini

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Fascism in ItalyHow and why was Benito Mussolini successful in creating the fascism government that appealed to the Italian majority?The First World War was the greatest conflict for its time, which re-shaped the world and set the path of development for many European countries. Those who were the most influenced were those who had lost because this meant that they would be bitter and would harbor anger against the others. Italy, whose interests were injured and who was discontented with its social and political condition after the war, was quick to turn to Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Fascist party, to search for answers and to discover a spark of hope for a rebirth of Italian power. Benito Mussolini won the support of the Italians because of his powerful character and charisma, the historical prerequisites he used to promote his party as saviors of the country, in the propaganda of his Fascist principles, and lastly the terror and violence he used to pacify his enemies.

One of the main reasons Mussolini, born on 29 July 1883 and died April 28, 1945 ("Biography of Mussolini"), was so successful in his dictatorship was his strong character and charisma. His birthplace is the small town of Dovia di Predappio, which is located in the province of Forlì in Emilia-Romagna ("Biography of Mussolini"). He was not an aristocrat; his father, Alessandro, was a blacksmith and a Marxist activist, whereas his mother Rosa was a Catholic school teacher ("Italy's Fascist Dictator"). His parents had two more children, Arnaldo and Edvige, but he was their firstborn ("Italy's Fascist Dictator"). Because as a child Benito often helped his father, he was exposed to his beliefs: they were socialist and republican, but also to an extent nationalistic ("Biography of Mussolini"). To please his mother, he was sent...