The Fate Of Romeo And Juliet

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Fate is beleivedTo be a higher power and it is often related to God as its creator. It is something that is meant to be and we have no power to change it or stop it. It takes control over our life and lead us to our destiny. In Shakespeare's play Rome and Juliet, besides main themes love and hate, fate has an important role in the out come of the play itself.

At the same beginning of the play, in the prologue, Shakespeare gives us a main hint about the presence of the fat in the play: "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life..." All actions in the play are controlled by the fate and it leads to sudden changes in the outcomes of events. the first meeting of Rome and Juliet is a result of their fate. Romeo was in love with Rosaline, who did not care about him.

His friend, Benvolio was advising him to forget about Rosaline and "examine other beauties". Suddenly, Capulet's servant approaches them and asks Romeo for help. It was a fate that brought servant with a list of Capulet's guests, including Rosaline. After that, the flow of the events suddenly changes the direction.

Romeo and Juliet meet. Before finding out their true identities, they fall in love at the first sight, but their unfortunate fate strikes again; they are enemies. This is another author's example of the fate and what effect it has on shaping the play. In the prologue, the destiny of Romeo and Juliet was stated and fate will guide them towards it during the whole play. Even though, they realized they were enemies, it did not stop them nor scared them. It made their decision to stay together even stronger. They got married.

Fate did not stop playing...