Federalists and anti-federalists

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The intent of this essay is to show different viewpoints of federalists and anti-federalist colonists and how they were overcome by compromises to form our constitution.

It is important to first understand that the birth of our nation is a result of two major events, which we call founding moments. It all began when various unfair and inconsistent policies of England had changed Colonists goodwill towards the imperial power. Colonists felt abandoned, persecuted and betrayed by England. The anger towards England increased due to several misunderstandings and arguments. On one side colonists were not happy and other side England felt that colonists were being ungrateful and paranoid.

The anger led colonist's to have feelings and visions of self governance based on Democracy. This was the first founding moment. A desire to form a new nation, declaring independence from England became goal for most colonists, despite their economical, racial or religious differences.

That dream became reality after England was defeated in the war of independence in 1776 and a new nation was born.

After the war, came time for healing and chaos. Once the influence of England had gone, colonists had to face reality and form a new government. Chaos was subdued by promise of compromises. Fears were calmed when it was decided that delegates would meet and come up with a universal solution to their current problems and will address their future.

There were many different viewpoints and to structure a new form of government became work in progress. This is now known as second founding moment where various ideologies came together to create a foundation for our great country.

The nation was carved out of ideas of Federalists and anti federalists by negotiations, compromises and ideals of equality and fairness to all. After the war of independendence, colonists had...