Feminism Idea in Revolt of Mother

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Background of The Study

People cannot be separated from their culture. They become one unity and it is because people behavior reflects the form of their culture. The form of their community or society, the way of them to see something, or the way of them to solve their problem in society is some of examples which related to the culture of each society.

Just as stated in a book titled Media, Culture, and Society - A Critical Reader,

Patterns of organization, those characteristic forms of human energy which can be discovered as revealing themselves - in 'unexpected identities and correspondences' as well as in in discontinuities of an unexpected kind.

The form of community or society like patriarchy is one of the examples of culture's product. This term means that the main power to control society is being held by man. This form in society has been existed from ancient time until now, by the helping of religion, science, technology, and many more.

By the time, the form of this society is being protested and the protest comes from women. Can't work outside, have a right to speak or decide for something are some reasons that cause women make a protest. The term of this protest is called feminism.

One of the most interesting literatures that reflected the spirit of feminism is Wilkins Freeman's The Revolt of Mother. This is a story that shows how the main character, Sarah Penn, solve problem in her family. Sarah, who is a house wife, fights against her husband, her son, and her surroundings. Although people never listen to her, but Sarah keep strong and at the end, she can make a big difference in her family. She takes a job that it should be her husband's...