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In every society, culture,country there are turning points or key developments that change a nation's history. Fidels Castro's takeover in Cuba effected Cuba's society and the country drastically.

Fidel is a Cuban revolutionary who took control of Cuba in the year 1959 and he was the one that turned Cuba into a Communist dictatorship. Castro is a very hardened man. Before he became dictator of Cuba he had to go to prison for being the leader of an attack on Batista. He was also exiled from Mexico as well as the United States. In the year 1956 he returned from being exiled and he led a Cuban rebellion in the south east part of Cuba. He had rebel forces to help him. These forces were known as the Twenty Sixth of July Movement. Fidel became very popular among the people of Cuba. Since he became popular he gained power and control of Batista on January 1 of the year 1959.

Many things in Cuba changed because of Fidel Castro. Because of his new power he felt that if he didn't like another political figure he would and could have them executed. He started collectivizing agriculture. He also nationalized the industry. In Cuba their was a one party socialist state. Because of this one party socialist state many middle class citizens, along with the upper-class citizens too, would be exiled. Fidel often showed hostility toward the United states. Castro made his government seize all United States owned sugar mills, electric utilities and oil refineries. That decision was a poor one for his country and its economy. As a result of this decision the United States would no longer buy sugar from Cuba. They also put an embargo on Cuba. This resulted in Fidel's loss of popularity which therefore made...