Fight Club: Consumerism and Globalization A look into one of the main themes of the movie, Fight Club.

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Fight Club: Consumerism and Globalization

Consumerism and globalization have a huge influence on us and the characters in the film, "Fight Club." What the main character, "Jack," said, "You are not the car you drive" is very true. In the world we live in, we are all the same. We all wear brand name clothes and drive brand name cars. Our khakis and furniture do not define our style. Why? Because we have no style, they are the styles of Gap and Honda. Our spare time has been wasted on window-shopping and our money on excess materials. The luxuries that we used to have are now considered necessities. The more we consume the more powerful we feel. Nobody is equal; your status is calculated by the value of materials you consume. Consumerism has a negative influence on how we act. It has changed our personal values.

Everything that we buy advertises the brand of the product.

A cup of coffee always has a logo on it of the store. Businesses and advertising are major tools in promoting consumption of products so that they may survive. Consumers are a need to them, but is it a need for us to consume? They are the ones that are constantly sending a message to us that yes, we cannot live without those Gucci underwear and the Ikea beach wood closet unit.

Another influence that consumerism has on us is that they change our relationships between each other. Some of us consume a lot and some of consume less and they are often considered as the 'rich' people and the 'poor' people. Often, the 'rich' people look down on the 'poor' people because they think they are worth less. The businessman wearing a DKNY suit would see a man wearing Wal-Mart...