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Leah Hunter is a twenty-five year old tax inspector who currently lives in Yorkshire, England. The first mystery she had to solve was File Under: Deceased. She hadn't planned to try her hand at crime-busting again but when her retired friend Dora presents her with a puzzle to solve and Leah still owes her friend a favor, she than agrees to take up the challenge. When Leah begins the investigation, she doesn't anticipate the trouble lying in wait for her. She would love to find Andy Howe, who has been missing since he went to a party thrown by music producer Dean Wilde. Now no one wants to talk bout him, especially not to Leah, whose inquieries are further hampered by dishy Detective Sergeant Nicholls, who tries in vain to steer Leah away from danger. Nicholls would always look at Leah like she was nothing but trouble.