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To dallas county I am case #. To my friends, family and piers I am billy joebob. This case # and the felony that goes along with it, does not define who I really am. People often like to stereotype others by what they hear not what really is. For someone to truly understand who I am, they have to know me and not just my story. People say that it's important to learn from your mistakes and boy are they right. There is one mistake that I really learned from and this particular mistake helped me realize who I am and what I want to do with my life.

Nov. 15, 2002. It was around 8pm and I was driving in Irving. It was pitch black on the road and there were construction barriers. All of a sudden I see a shadow no more than 2 feet in front of my vehicle.

I hit the object and paused for a moment. This is when my "friend" started screaming that the object I had hit was a person. He continued to scream at me yell to keep going. At that time I made a mistake by letting myself be influenced by another person and not thinking that the right thing to do would be to stop. After I regained my composure and sorted things out, I turned myself in. The investigator told me that they knew all about the accident and that I was being charged with FAILURE TO STOP AND RENDER AID. He then disclosed to me that they had put the victim as the cause of the accident and had I not panicked and left, I would have no charges filed against me. Furthermore, I was told witnesses saw the victim wait and then go into the street...