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In addition to discussing my academic strengths, my references will also give a realistic assessment of my character and personality. My pre-medical advisor will cite my excellence in science and my strong laboratory skills. He will acknowldege my strong commitment to the field, as demonstrated by my completion of the most difficult courses available. He will also confirm my willingness to obtain clinical training through internships and volunteer positions at local hospitals and clinics.

My basketball coach will document my athletic prowess, my willingness to adhere to a rigid training regimen and my demonstrated commitment to teamwork. Athletics provide a powerful balance to the stress of academia, along with an opportunity to interact with fellow athletes. My coach will also discuss my volunteer summer coaching for inner city children in Chicago. In addition to improving my physical fitness, coaching enhances my sense of optimism and gives me a positive way to interact with teenagers.

I love working with future basketball stars, giving back to the sport the same enthusiam, dedication and support that my childhood coaches gave me.

Peer references will confirm that I am an easygoing guy who knows how to succeed, both in the classroom and on the basketball court. I'd also like to think they would say I was an honest man and a good friend. I try to bring honor and class to everything I do. I treat people the way I want to be treated, and have gathered a loyal group of friends. While my career is important to me, so are my family and friends. Without their love and support, the successes are extremely hollow.