Final Project Plan: Movement of Soldiers from Tactical Platform Division for Duty in Iraq

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Five years ago, no one would have ever imagined that American troops stationed in the Tactical Platform Division (TPD) of the National Security Agency (NSA) would be faced with the difficult task of deploying a team to a foreign combat zone. Deployment Team Eagle, a team of 20 U. S. Army, Marines and civilian contractors, have been tasked with a three-month tour of duty to Iraq in-order-to provide support to Operational Iraqi Freedom (OIF). In October 2005, TPD received about a 90-day notice that the section was selected to rotate into a combat zone that exists a half a world away; a different culture and environment from what TPD personnel is accustomed to doing operations.

Although, U. S. soldiers, marines and some civilian contractors are constantly honing their skills in-order-to be successful on this new battlefield of insurgency. The deployment team and the commanders realize that there is much more to combat than engaging and destroying the adversary.

The team and higher command understand that the deployment team is useless if the team cannot get everyone and the necessary equipment (about $2.3M) to the area of operation (AO). Tactical commanders and NSA leadership have placed special emphasis on establishing a plan that will ensure the deployment team and equipment are ready to be deployed and employed in-order-to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the decision makers. However, leaders know there must be some plan or project plan overview in place.

The intent of this paper is to clearly outline and implement a well-defined project plan, risk management plan, and a forecast plan that when executed properly will aid in the deployment of soldiers and equipment from NSA's Tactical Platform Division to Iraq. The following areas of focus will be used to layout the overall project plan overviews:

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