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Battle of Okinawa

ought that the air force bombing of Japans island home land would bring them to their knees but the U.S. Army knew that a ground attack was necessary. Once the island of Iwo Jima was captured the next ... te, and 1200 miles from the islands of Ulithi and Guam which earlier in 1945 were the three closest U.S. military bases. This meant that the island would be well defended. Measuring sixty-seven miles ...

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An internet article review - Winning the Cost War by Scott H. Graham is to emphasize the importance of cost management

n be cut while existing services maintained. The organization referred to within the article is the U.S. Army and the specific site where improvements have been made is Fort Huachuca. Emphasis is plac ...

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"War on Hussein" The war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and whether or not Bush should attack. (Modern World History)

wheedled out of any agreement he had made not to harbor and develop weapons of mass destruction." (U.S. President George W. Bush) The U.S. army's war stocks have recently doubled in Kuwait due to an ... give him their support. From another point of view, the American people will not support or endorse U.S.-led action without a "specific provocation" (Zakaria, 29), from another country. In others' opi ...

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"Army Rangers Taliban Terminators". This essay is about the history of the Army Rangers trainning,history and recent missions.

a tactics are used to weaken whole platoons. To defend America against these guerrilla tactics, the U.S. Army Rangers have been formed. They are highly skilled. They are able to go by air, sea, or lan ... States needed commandos for fight against Germany (WWII) The Rangers was the only commando unit the U.S. Army had in WWII. The Rangers were before the seals and the Green Beret. After World War II the ...

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A sample resume for someone in the military moving into the civilian workforce.

addressHome: xxx-xxx-xxxxEmail: xxx@xxxxx.comQUALIFICATIONS AND OBJECTIVESAfter twelve years in the U.S. Army, I have developed a unique set of leadership and management skills that are critical to su ... operations at the Division level, 2002EXPERIENCESergeant First Class, Infantry, United States Army*U.S. Army Civil Affairs Course (Division Level [14,000-person] Civil Military Operations)*U.S. Army ...

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Respecting The rules: The disagreement with the don't ask, don't policy.

Respecting The RulesThe U.S. Army Forces are currently under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which governs the conduct o ... e and trust needed for success in combat situations" (Changing the policy toward homosexuals in the U.S. Military p.4). There is a thought that homosexuals, out of requited desire for their platoon ma ... behind, or possibly forfeiting the other one's life?"(Changing the policy toward homosexuals in the U.S. Military p.4) The assumption, of course, is that a gay or lesbian would routinely form inapprop ...

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Civil War Cell phones.

h more difficult it was to communicate during the Civil War as compared to our modern generals. The U.S. Army officers in particular can really appreciate our modern forms of communication. Just think ...

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The U.S. Army Contracting Policy.

The U.S. Army Contracting PolicyThe United States Government uses contractors to take care of most of it ... The Department of Defense or other government agencies have to send requests for assistance to the U.S. Army Research Office. Each request consists of a short Statement of Work prepared to a fixed fo ... ervices upon the issuance of a delivery or task order as needs arise.In caparison to the PMBOK, the U.S. Governments way of obtaining contractors is almost right on. The government puts out a notice a ...

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Project Management withing the United States Army.

its ability to change as technology changes. A major technological and operational change that the U.S. Army is undergoing is its transformation into a light fighting force with the ability to quickl ... final step in managing project stakeholders.Strategic TransitionsGEN Shinseki's vision to take the U.S. Army into the 21st century was met with mixed opinions. His decision to go to the black beret w ...

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Report on Lunar Bases.

zon was issued in June of 1959, it was the first part of the "Lunar Military Outpost" study for the U.S Army. One of the second studies was called the Korolev Studies. Sergei Korolev who was the "fath ...

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

graduated from Harvard in 1940.John Kennedy wanted to serve in World War II but was rejected by the U.S. Army because of an injury he received while playing football at Harvard. He was so determined t ...

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George Gerbner and the Mean World Syndrome

to America in the late 1930s due to his hatred of the fascist Prime Minister. Gerbner obtained his U.S. citizenship and earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of California at ... st and assistant financial editor. The ex-poet, motivated by his hatred of fascism, enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1943. He volunteered for the Office of Strategic Services and ended up in a group of fi ...

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Postwar SETTLEMT Points

desAsiaD.Post-surrender terms for Japan1.USA shared Korea with SU and Japan was to be governed by a U.S army of occupation under the direction of General Douglas MacarthurII.THE ONSET OF THE COLD WARE ... ial for it self reflecting such a diversity of interests.III.PHASE ONE: EASTERN EUROPE AND GERMANYF.U.S-Soviet disagreements over eastern Europe1.The United States wanted Eastern Europe governments to ...

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Stephen Hunter - A Literary Legend

riting would make a reader jump. In all ten of his novels, the film critic and former member of the U.S. Army writes everything you could ask for in a book. He writes a finely detailed story, while ke ... pt government in both his works Black Light and Point of Impact.Hunter's two-year experience in the U.S. Army is evident throughout his descriptive writing about weaponry in both of his works. This ad ...

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Leaving a Legacy

d the Viet Cong long enough for medics to carry the casualties and wounded to waiting choppers. The U.S. Army awarded the young private with the nations third highest honor, the Bronze Star, for his v ...

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Issues related to returing to school gen 300

as those choices that brought me to a crossroads in my life. In November 1999 I decided to join the U.S. Army. The Army gave me four years of great training and job experience. What I have found while ...

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Oone of the greatest spies!

my officer who spent a career defending this country?One thing is sure: Trofimoff, retired from the U.S. Army Reserve, is the highest ranking American officer ever convicted of espionage. Last summer, ... revolution and, as a boy in World War II, he was rescued by American GIs. When Trofimoff joined the U.S. army to fight the communists that murdered his grandparents, he left behind a brother, Igor, wh ...

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Cheyenne Indians

neighboring tribes and, after 1860, with the white men. Camps of friendly Cheyenne were attacked by U.S. Army troops at Ash Hollow and Sand Creek, and their women and children were slaughtered. In 187 ...

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E.A.Poe- Biography

. He was estranged from his adopted father at some point in this period, and so Poe enlisted in the U.S. Army as a private using the name Edgar A. Perry on May 26, 1827. That same year, he released hi ... . At around this time, he was reconciled with Allan, and through him received an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. His time at West Point was ill-fated, as Poe apparently deliber ...

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Sociological Perspectives

e men and women within this organization voluntarily join to service their country. The role of the U.S. Army has changed considerably in the last twenty or so year in view of women in combat.In the p ...

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