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Spreadsheets: Please note that most(if not all) of what you have to do will be easier if you go to Damodaron?s website, click on spreadsheets and input your values into the given spreadsheets. If you want to see valuations go to his Equity investments and markets class and click company valuation.

For information to input, click updated data.

Project Outline: I. Corporate Governance Analysis Information to include: public or private company, power of incumbent management relative to the Board of Directors. Power of incumbent management relative to the Board should be reflected in the compensation package approved by the Board. Provide details of compensation. Discuss managerial performance-give the stock performance over the past five years(if current management was in control). Discuss the voting rights associated with different classes of stock, and how that affects managerial power and influence. Is the voting stock concentrated in the hands of a few? Is there accurate information flow between the companies and investors? How do the companies manage their public image? Are they good corporate citizens? Need annual report downloadable from Edgar online, and also check CALPER?s website to see what they have to say about corporate governance, and check Business Week?s annual issue ranking the board of directors of large U.S.

companies. To get a sense of how your CEO is paid check forbes online cite. For data on analyst coverage, to and For social responsiveness try and also

II. Stockholder Analysis Total number of shareholders in each company, break down the number into voting shares and non-voting shares, percentage owned by institutional shareholders, percentage owned by insiders. Are the companies only listed on U.S. stock exchanges? Give the average daily trading volume for the previous year.

III. Risk and Return Consider whether the industry has entered a...