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There isn't much I know about fireworks other than that they are great for getting attention. They are just about the noisiest and loudest things around. Speaking of getting attention, one Fourth of July several years ago, one firework got my "attention" when I accidentally picked it up out of a bucket. I now know that fireworks some times don't even go out when put under water. As far as the history of fireworks goes, I know that they may have originated in the Far East. I also know that we use them to celebrate our United States history, but I'm not quite sure why. One more thing that I'm quite sure of is that fireworks are incredibly fun. All this knowledge has brought me to be very eager to learn more cool stuff about fireworks.

There are so many things I would like to find out about fireworks. I am very interested to learn of how the firework originated and what its purpose was.

I would also like to know why we celebrate the Fourth of July in the United States by setting of these illuminating marvels. On a more technical level, I would like to know what a common firework is made out of and how it works. I am also curious to know what practical purposes we have for fireworks today. Most importantly, it would be a good idea to know what the proper safety precautions for using fireworks are. I would also be interested in how to administer first aid if there is an accident and an individual is burned. These are few of many things I would love to learn about these pyro-curiosities.

As I used the internet to find most of the information I needed, I found the origin of fireworks on a site...