First Central Bank Of River City

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Relevant Facts

Prior to 1929, business executives were seen as leaders and union members were considered dangerous radicals. However, this changed when Americans saw that these businesses could not provide for them in economically turbulent times, such as the depression, and they started to favor unions. In River City, the International Metalworkers Union (IMU) began dealing with many of the firms and institutions in the area since 1930. Because of this heavy influence in the city of 210,000 people, the city was beginning to be considered a "union town". IMU had represented workers at one of the town's smaller banks, organizing the maintenance workers. IMU had initiated significant pay hikes and increased benefits.

First Central Bank of River City, founded in 1892, was the largest and oldest financial institution in the River City area. The relevant facts in this case centers on communications concerning union activity by the First Central Bank's employees, the bank's management, and the International Metalworkers Union (IMU).

A guard at the main office discovered that membership cards had been distributed to the various teller stations, the bookkeeping department, the switchboard and in the ladies lounge. On one occasion, membership cards had been distributed to various locations within the bank. On two separate occasions, bank employees had been directly involved in initiating union activity. Meetings were setup with small groups of employees as a question and answer session. The first written communication to employees from management was sent soon thereafter. Employees reported to their supervisors that they had received a letter from the IMU addressed to their homes.

Harold Newell, Vice President of Branch Operations reported to Steve Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources that a number of the branch office employees had informed him that three assistant auditors were engaging in union organizing activities in the...