The First Four Years

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Title: The First Four Years Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder Number of pages:134 Pages Main Characters: Laura (Beth) , Manly (Almonzo) , Ma, Pa, Grace, Carrie, Ida, Peter, Skip, Barnum, Trixy, Fly, Rose Settings: Town Streets, Farm, The new little house, the church, Barn, bedroom, Ma and Pa's house Book Report Laura and Manly were to be married soon, but Laura was having doubts.

Laura didn't want to marry a farmer. She was afraid that if Manly didn't change to a different job, that they wouldn't have any money. She didn't want to cook for all the workers. Manly Finally convinced her to let him keep being a farmer for three years, and if it didn't work out, he would take a new job. They were married two weeks later on Tuesday, August 25, 1885.

Laura wasn't feeling well all the time. She felt fine some days, sick others and sometimes she even fainted.

Manly found this kind of familiar. Manly couldn't put his finger on it so he went and got the doctor. He told her to lie quietly. He assured her she would feel much better before long, and that in a few months, nine to be exact, she would be quite all right. Laura was going to have a baby. The Baby was a girl and named Rose Wilder.

Peter, Manly's cousin, came and told them about a deal on sheep, A man named Mr. Whitehead was selling his sheep. Peter thought he could buy all one hundred o the for two dollars each. He had half the money. Laura decided to sell her colt she bought with the money earned from school to pay the other hundred dollars. So it was settled Manly and Laura were going to try handling sheep.

One day in the barn Laura lost sight of Rose. Manly was working with Fly when he saw his tail flip up. By now Laura was yelling for Rose. Then Manly heard a little giggle behind him. It was rose hiding from Laura. She then yelled here I am! Laura was relieved and finally remembered what today was. Manly she asked did you know that the three years are up. She was wandering if he thought he did a good job. Manly was afraid to say anything. He said that the crops were k thought most were failure. He pleads with her to try it for one more year. She agreed. Manly decided to buy two more oxen. They were two huge animals. King weighed two-thousand pounds and Duke weighed twenty-five hundred pounds. They were sure to have a successful crop this year.

Rose was always a hair short of an accident. Once two young colts, Kelpie and Susan, Were chasing each other around the corner in which Rose was walking.

Kelpie saw her and to avoid and accident jumped over her head. Susan, wanting to be better than Kelpie did the same and barley missed Rose's head. Well all this year Manly and Peter worked on the crop day and night. Manly love being a farmer and never wanted to stop. He knew this crop had to convince Beth that this is a good thing. The crop was the best and Laura was convinced and she let Manly stay being a farmer.