The First Labour Government of Great Britain

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PRESIDENT BURNS introduced the Speaker.


Friends, (if I may say so),--I count it a very great honour to be the guest of two organizations of such distinguished reputation as those represented here this afternoon and I am glad to be in the presence of so many who can help me to achieve the more important part of what I conceive to be my mission, if mission be the right word, in this great and amazing country of yours--to learn what it is possible to learn in a limited time about Canada, its people, its institutions and its problems. There is grave misunderstanding of Canada in many parts of the homeland, and that misunderstanding is due in a very large measure to lack of that personal contact and personal knowledge which are essential for the proper understanding of anybody or anything. I take it from your choice of a subject for today's address that you agree with this point of view.

I am not so foolish as to imagine that you have chosen that I shall address you briefly upon the topic of the first Labour Government of Britain because


Mrs. Snowden is the wife of the Right Honourable Philip Snowden, M.P., who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the first Labour Government. She is the author of "Through Bolshevik Russia," "A Political Pilgrim in Europe." In 1920 she studied conditions in Russia and reported adversely on the Bolshevik regime. She is familiar with conditions in France, Palestine, Egypt, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and has reported on them to the International Conferences.


you are supporters of the principles and ideas which that Government represented; but I do not care in the very least about that. The only thing that matters is that the facts shall be known,