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President George Bush versus Senator John Kerry

The First Presidential Debate 2004

The first Presidential Debate between President George Gush and Senator John Kerry was by far a must see political event. Both candidates put on a show of both verbal and non-verbal worthy of time spent. The battle of words provided numerous examples of somewhat misleading responses filled with vague information and avoiding the direct topic. (I refer to this as side-stepping) Reading between the lines and evaluating each candidates non-verbal language was by far the most uncomplicated message offered by either Senator Kerry or President Bush.

In regards to President George Bush, his responses were mostly quite vague and repeatedly side-stepped the entire issue. Bush seemed to carry the same and thirsty demeanor for the entire duration of the debate. He appeared somewhat weary, often leaning on the podium or shifting from side to side. He also seemed to be very uncomfortable and often unsure of what message he was trying to convey.

It would be impossible for anyone viewing this debate to miss the unmistakable, and nearly unforgettable show of facial expressions he offered for the duration of this debate suggesting he was intimidated or possibly angry. Although he did offer what I believe was a single smile as Senator Kerry spoke of the common relationship between their daughters.

Examples of President Bush's numerous side-stepping and vague information techniques were in abundance. When asked about the chances for an increase of another 9/11-type terrorist attack if Senator Kerry were elected President, President Bush responded with a simple no. His explanation only offered that he (Bush) was going to win the election. Bush then moved on to speak about defeating the enemy and protecting our children and grandchildren. After Senator John Kerry's response to Homeland Security,