The First three Crusades: were they worthwhile?

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The Crusades

The Crusades were a series of battles between the Arab Muslims and the European Christians. The Crusades began when Pope Urban II gave a speech encouraging Christians to fight to enter heaven. There are facts that say the Crusades were worthwhile to the people of Europe although many facts are contradicting. They were worthwhile as it allowed them to obtain various foods, spices and technologies from the Muslims, which they were not familiar with before. However they weren't worthwhile as lots of innocent people lost their lives.

When the powerful address of Urban II, delivered to an enormous audience at Clermont in November, 1095, was answered with a unanimous "God will it!" that may have been considered as the real starting-point of the first crusade.

The first crusade (1096-99) was led by Robert, Duke of Normandy from England, son of William the Conqueror. From Italy, we have Marcus Bohemond, Prince of Toranto, son of Robert Guiscard, a Norman who had not fallen too far from his barbarian tree, and also his nephew Tancred.

The first crusade consisted of about 50,000 trained knights who were well disciplined and successful in capturing Jerusalem in 1099 after a courageous battle.

It was very worthwhile to the Europeans because it gave them the opportunity to gain a different type of technology that they had not been in contact with before. The Muslims were far more advanced in technology and the Europeans obtained the chance to learn from the Muslim people.

The Europeans also gained various foods and spices, which they were not familiar with before. It gave them a chance to taste different foods and not be bored with the same foods and tastes every day.

The second crusade (1147) was caused by the conquest of Edessa by the Muslims and their...