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Table of Contentsi. Executive Summary31. Introduction62. Essence of Budget 200772.1 Total Spending (Medium Term Expenditure Framework Period)83. Economic Backdrop - Buoyant Domestic Growth95. Rationale of 2007 Budget Speech116. Macroeconomy137. Fiscal Policy147.1 Expansionary Fiscal Policy147.2 Tax168. Fiscal and Monetary challenges208.1 Monetary Challenges229. Shortcomings of 2007 Budget.2310. Suggestions on how to address the shortcomings2410.1 Fiscal measures2410.2 Monetary measures2411. List of References:2612.ANNEXURES28i. Executive SummaryWhile delivering the 2007 Budget Speech on 21 February 2007, the elated and charismatic Trevor Manuel's tone typified South Africa's economy that has been performing remarkably well over the past 4 years largely due to sound fiscal and monetary policies and global influences. The increased quantity and quality of spending in the Budget is fuelled by the rationale of summarily accelerating the investment rate and pace of growth; improving the lives of marginalised South Africans; maintaining a progressive security net; combating crime and improving the capacity and effectiveness of state; show case the country through preparing for the 2010 soccer event; and encouraging the culture of saving.

The Budget and its continued expansionary fiscal stance is however characterised by significant challenges that may impede on progress in achieving certain objectives. These include vis-Ã -vis policy lags, lack of capacity with regard to spending, government red-tape and inefficiencies, adverse rent-seeking behaviour, income and wealth redistribution. Global influences that will pose challenges include the anticipated lower global growth due to suppressed US growth, risks e.g. oil prices; US current account deficit amidst large surpluses amongst oil-producing countries. The main monetary challenge is that the South African Reserve Bank seeks to suppress demand to match supply but this is the low growth option. The proposed long term solution and high growth option is to boost supply in order to meet demand with official and private sector initiatives.

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