Flowers For Algernon

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Differently abeled people can not help the way they are. It is a disorder that is genetic or a form of conciquence due to the parent's negligence on their part. Most of the time these hadicapped persons are made fun. This is because they don't fit into the realm of what persons would call normal. For these handicapped people this is normal for them. Sometimes they don't see that they are different from anyone else. These persons may think that many of these people making fun of them are their friends but unfortunately they aren't.

Charlie was a fortunate and an unfortuate man to have had this operation done to him. It was a totally new experience for him. This something that no one would ever experience in a million years. This operation was done without knowledge of what would happen to Charlie as he progressed in the experiment. As Charlie progressed he became more aware of his surroundings and his feelings.

Unable to cope with the emotions he had come to with his intelliegence he began to relize that with intellect comes understanding. Without this intelliegence is useless.

Charlie was a man of substance. He had what it took to become something more than everyone expected of him. In fact everyone expected nothing less than worse for Charlie until they saw that his intellect was none other than superb. In conclusion Charlie had a chance to do something that no one would ever get to do with in the next couple of years. He had an opportunity and took advantage of the situation. There should be nothing to regret from his expierence because he did the best that he could and that was better than was expected.