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Changing the drinking age "Did you know that the Police arrest millions of drivers each year for DWI and DUI offences." Not only do people drink and drive, people drink too much and get reckless and start fights for no reason. Drunk drivers kill thousands of people every year. "Car accidents are the number one cause of death among US teenagers." I think that the drinking age should be changed to at least 25 because most of the teens that die in car accidents are 23 years of age or under, so if they changed the drinking age I think that it will lesson the deaths each year from drunk driving.

The effects of alcohol differ from person to person, depending on how much you drink, your size and weight, whether you're a male or female, or whether you drink alone. (Etc.) Doctors suggest that women should drink less than men because women's body tissue absorbs higher concentration of alcohol then men.

In colleges that is where there is the most under age drinking. Most f the kids that drink in college are under the age of 20. At colleges the police/security aren't that strict. Therefore allowing more under age drinkers the chance to drink and hurt someone. If they raised the drinking laws in the US, and make drinking more strict at colleges it would reduce the killings fro alcohol every year. There are so many effects from drinking too much in one night. Some of the immediate effects are relaxing, feeling good, do or say something you normally you wouldn't, feeling dizzy, having bad balance, and getting angry. Some of the long-term effects are poor diet, skin problems, liver or brain damage, memory loss, and depression. These are all great reasons to raise the drinking age to around 25 years of age.

Drinking and driving is the number cause of death among US teenagers. Almost every month I turn on the TV and see the news about someone who was killed because he was drunk. He was only 20 years old. Which means not only is he under age, but where did he get the drinks. The people that sell alcohol should always check the person's age that are buying the drinks. Alcohol causes around 1/3 of all road deaths. People on the road should always be aware that there might be a drunk driver on the road. If they changed the drinking age it would probably lesson the deaths of drunk driving accidents.

I conclusion there are many ways why congress should change the drinking age to around 25 years of age. The police/security guards at colleges should be stricter so that there aren't as much under age drinkers drinking alcohol